Saturday, February 13, 2010

Surname Saturday - The Boehm Family of Western Pennsylvania

I hope to keep up with this blogging theme every Saturday, because I have quite a few pieces missing from my family tree, and I'd love to see if anyone out there has any clues. I’ve used Blogger’s awesome new Pages feature to list the most common surnames in my family tree, as well as my boyfriend’s.
Ironically enough, one of the families which I know the least about is the one whose name I carry: Boehm. The history of my own last name is easy enough to trace, because it comes from a geographical area. According to's surname entry for Boehm, the name originally meant that a person was from Bohemia, a land which is now 2/3 of the Czech Republic. The spelling is close enough that Microsoft Word tries to correct my name to Bohemia every time I type it, lol. Ancestry also indicates that the greatest concentrations of people with that name were located in New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Ohio as of the 1920 census. Their surname search provides an interesting profile of your family name.
Here is my line of the Boehm family:

1. My dad, John Timothy Boehm, b. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His father was:
2. Henry Andrew Boehm, b. 1930 and d. 2004 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He married Rose Earle DiBernardo in Pittsburgh in 1955. His father was:
3. Henry John Boehm, b. 1902 d. 1964 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He married Kunikunda Wagner. His father was:
4. John Boehm, b. 1865 in Bayern, Germany d. 1943 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He married Kunigunda Hartmann in 1887 in Pittsburgh. He immigrated to the United States before 1880. His father was:
5. Johann Philipp Boehm, b. 1821 in Hessen, Germany. His wife’s name was Kunekunda. He immigrated to the United States before 1880. His father was:
6. Johann Adam Boehm, b. 1786 in Hessen, Germany d. 1834 in Hessen, Germany. He married Maria Elisabeth Kaffenberger in 1812.

That’s most of what I have. Let me know if you have any connections! :)

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  1. Good surname story! Thanks for sharing!

    Keep these ancestor stories coming!

    Bill ;-)
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