Monday, July 26, 2010

Map of Available Newspaper Collections for PA on

After I finished this, I thought others might find it helpful.

I went through Ancestry's card catalog for PA newspapers and listed the towns in which the newspapers were published. Towns may have more than one newspaper cataloged on Ancestry, and the papers vary by date.
My goal was to have a map I could reference when I know a the location of an event, and need to know what nearby newspapers Ancestry may have available.

The result is this map:

View Ancestry PA Newspapers in a larger map

EDIT 8/1/2010: I should mention that I don't work for Ancestry, and Ancestry isn't affiliated with this blog in any way.


  1. That's an excellent idea! Thank you.

  2. Thanks Jackie! I hope this is helpful, and doesn't duplicate work done by others already (I couldn't find any).

  3. You really have an EXCELLENT genealogy blog!! I wish I needed records from PA. :( I probably do, but don't know it yet. lol You should put up a newsletter follow widigit up here so we can follow all of your posts and not miss out on any great resources! Is there a National Archives near you in PA.? I was told that all National Archives have the same information- for instance if there was something at the National Archives in DC- it could also be accessed from the National Archives in PA? Am I making any sense? lol If you have time, could you please email me and let me know if that is true? I would very much apprecite it! My email is Thanks and keep up the great work!! : ) Jenni